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AED Upgrade Information for AED 2010 Guidelines


ZOLL will offer the ZOLL AED PLUS 2010 upgrade software for free via download from their site. The interface stickers are also now available at To preform the ZOLL AED Plus upgrade, you will need an USB IRDA Adapter to transfer the new software to the AED. Once the upgrade has been completed, you must register the upgrade with ZOLL. Questions about the ZOLL AED Plus 2010 upgrade? Just call us at 866-517-8243 or visit the ZOLL Medical website.

AED Upgrades Information for AHA 2005 Guidelines
Upgrade your AED to meet the American Heart Association AHA 2005 AED CPR guidelines. has the software and hardware needed to upgrade your AED's to meet the AHA 2005 AED guidelines. We have AED upgrade options for Defibtech, Heartsine, Philips, Cardiac Science, Physio-Control and ZOLL. Find out about your specific AED upgrade process.

Cardiac Science AED Upgrades

All Cardiac Science AED's (with the exception of the FirstSave) are upgradable. The Cardiac Science FirstSave AED has been discontinued and is not upgradable. A serial cable is required to perform the upgrade procedure and upgrade software can be purchased directly from Cardiac Science by calling (800) 991-5465. Software costs will vary by AED and generally range from $19 to $40. New Cardiac Science AED's purchased at will come with the AHA 2005 guidelines.

Defibtech AED Upgrades

All Defibtech AED's are upgradable. The Defibtech Lifeline and Reviver AED's are upgraded via data card. Defibtech is providing free data cards to facilitate upgrades. Free data cards can be requested from Defibtech directly at (866) 333-4248. Do you need an upgrade? Here's how to find out... Turn the AED On then press and hold the On/Off button for about 5 seconds, the AED will say version the current operating software version, if it says 2003 your AED has been upgraded and there is no need to upgrade the AED. If it says a number less than 2003, call Defibtech for an upgrade card. Defibtech Training AED's can be upgraded in the same way. New Defibtech AED's purchased at will come with the AHA 2010 guidelines.

Heartsine AED Upgrades

The Heartsine Samaritan AED (now discontinued) can be upgraded by contacting Heartsine directly at (866) 478-7463. The Heartsine Samaritan PAD AED can be upgraded via software cable that is available at by clicking here. Heartsine training AED's that do not have the 2005 guidelines cannot be upgraded. New Heartsine AED's and trainers purchased at will come with the AHA 2010 guidelines.

Medtronic Physio-Control AED Upgrades

LIFEPAK 500 Biphasic AED's are upgradable. How do I know if my LP500 AED is Biphasic? Click here To upgrade the Medtronic Physio-Control LIFEPAK 500 Biphasic AED you will need part number 43340-000052 which includes a data transfer cable (requires a serial port), version 6.0 software, stickers and upgrade instructions. Again, ONLY the biphasic LIFEPAK 500 AED can be upgraded. Note: The LIFEPAK 500 AED is discontinued but accessories are still available.

LIFEPAK CR Plus and Express AED's are upgradeable. Older model CR Plus and Express AED's are upgraded via infrared cable that is available at Software is also required to perform the upgrade. Upgrade package can be purchased here.

LIFEPAK 500 AED Trainers- The LIFEPAK 500 AED Trainer is not upgradable and can not be programmed to meet the 2005 guidelines.

LIFEPAK CR Plus Trainer- The LIFEPAK CR Plus AED trainer is upgradable and can be upgraded using our upgrade kit for the LIFEPAK CR Plus Trainer.

CR Plus AED Trainers- The CR Plus AED Trainers can be upgraded. You can purchase the upgrade kit here.

Philips AED Upgrades

Upgrades for the Philips Heartstart Home, Onsite, FRx and FR2 AED's are done directly thru Philips Healthcare by an exchange program. To participate in the exchange program, customers will complete the exchange form along with payment directly to Philips, Philips will then send a upgraded AED with a 2 year warranty to you. Once you receive the replacement AED you will send in your non-upgraded AED back to Philips. Please note: When sending the AED's back to Philips, you will keep your same batteries and pads. The exchange program ends on 12/31/2009. The cost for the exchange is $280 for Home, Onsite and FRx AED's and $304 + tax for FR2/FR2+ models. 2005 updated models will have a sticker on the back of unit on its upper left corner.

ZOLL AED Upgrades

You can upgrade older ZOLL AED Plus defibrillators to meet the AHA 2005 guidelines. The software for the upgrade is free and can be found at or you can purchase a disk with the stickers if you prefer. To perform the upgrade you will need a USB Infrared adpater or IRDA to allow your computer to communicate with the ZOLL AED Plus. If you have a graphical interface on the front of your AED you can replace the stickers to assure your AED graphics match the new voice prompts. If you need assistance or guidance in upgrading your ZOLL AED Plus contact us at (866)517-8243 and we'll be happy to assist you.

ZOLL AED Pro Upgrades
To upgrade the ZOLL AED Pro you will need a Guidelines Upgrade CD and a USB Infrared device to perform the upgrade. The CD required can be purchased here.