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CPR and AED Training
CPR and AED Training is crucial to your AED programs success. One thing we hear often is "why do we need to be trained on the AED, isn't it really easy to use?" While it is true AED's are very easy to use, it is only half the battle. During cardiac arrest Defibrillation is indicated about 60% to 70% of the time, however CPR is indicated 100% of the time and with the combination of early CPR and early defibrillation you can increase the persons chance of survival significantly. It is important to budget CPR/AED training when planning your AED program. Most states require training in order to be covered with civil immunity for using a defibrillator. Good CPR and AED training will typically last 3-4 hours and cost between $30-$50 per person. Refresher training should be every 2 years at a minimum. Some states stipulate the AED programs that are approved for AED training.

When finding a instructor to provide your training it is important to find an experienced instructor who knows and understands AED's. Ask the instructor if he has a training AED, perhaps the same model you are purchasing? People can be apprehensive about being a part of the response team or being a trained responder but by having good quality training and lots of hands on can help out tremendously.

Find out what your state requires and visit our AED state laws page.

Training Videos
*Note: Training videos should not take the place of traditional CPR and AED training, but rather serve as a refresher between formal CPR and AED Training Classes

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